Wetherspoons Sunday Club

A final toast to the Wetherspoons roast?

In Sunday Sunday – Blur’s ironic celebration of the British Sabbath – Damon Albarn sings wistfully of roast dinners and walks in the park. However the singer once explained that the cover art depicted what would soon be the reality – a family trip to McDonalds.

The Rochester Castle, Stoke Newington | 19 March 2016

Inside The Willow Walk, Victoria

Victoria fails

Why have Londoners so often razed celebrated parts of their city? Over the ages, they’ve covered up the River Fleet, demolished the Euston Arch, and the only memory of The Willow Walk, a grand tree lined avenue that once ran near Parliament, is the Wetherspoons that bears its name.

The Willow Walk, Victoria | 10 February 2016

For whom the Spoons tolls

Another date night at Wetherspoons.

The Toll Gate, Turnpike Lane | 23 January 2016

Jägerbombs in Whitehall

The grandly titled Lord Moon of the Mall squats provocatively at the Trafalgar Square end of Whitehall.

Lord Moon of the Mall, Whitehall, London | 21 January 2016

Making the most of maternity leave

Scurries of icy rain blast my cheeks as I step off the high speed train from St Pancras at Gravesend. A snatched afternoon off work to visit a friend on maternity leave.

The Robert Pocock, Gravesend | 11 December 2015

The Winter Gardens, Harrogate

Harrogate needs to ‘try’ harder

We emerge from a relaxing turkish bath at Harrogate’s famous spa in the mood for somewhere elegant, atmospheric and healthy. Then we spot a Wetherspoons next door.

The Winter Gardens, Harrogate | 3 October 2015


Prosecco in the waiting lounge

Arriving at Gatwick North Terminal, en route to a Mallorcan family beach holiday, my sunny spirits are immediately threatened by the utter absence of even a glimmer of the glamour of air travel.

The Red Lion, Gatwick Airport North Terminal | 9 May 2015


Burns week

Wetherspoons chief Tim Martin was one of the few businessmen who did not forecast famine, pestilence and plagues of locusts on Scotland should it became independent. Now, four months after the referendum, we head to one of his pubs in Cheshunt to celebrate its ‘Burns Week’.

The King James, Cheshunt | 25 January 2015

The Moon Under Water, Enfield

Orwell that ends well?

In 1946 George Orwell described the ‘ideal pub’ - uncompromisingly Victorian, quiet enough to talk without a radio or piano and providing a pint of stout to accompany a solid lunch. Its name? The Moon Under Water, adopted by over 15 Wetherspoons outlets.

The Moon Under Water, Enfield | 25 January 2015

The Gatehouse, Highgate

High class in Highgate?

Wetherspoons has recently taken to calling itself ‘The posh pub company’. Now that’s a brave marketing team.

The Gatehouse, Highgate | 11 January 2015