There are 139 Wetherspoons in London. The plan is to visit all of them, record interesting stuff and then manipulate the data to find out more interesting stuff about the visits.


Because Wetherspoons is brilliantly bad. It’s the lesser-loathed Ryanair of budget drinking houses.

Some people adore Wetherspoons (my friend Amy held her hen party in one), some reluctantly patronise them (my parents seek them out because they’re – perceived as – cheap and serve food bland enough to suit their children-of-Irish-immigrants pallets).

Many young(ish) folk living in London are appalled at going to a Wetherspoons when there are abundant craft beer pubs aplenty.

Wetherspoons are inevitably popular with a certain after-work crowd.

Back to my project. I love pubs with history and real ale. Wetherspoons shouldfit the bill. So why do I recoil from using them?

Let’s find out.


5 – the best wetherspoons has to offer. We would recommend you visit.

4 – surprisingly good. Has some unique features up its sleeve, and is a contender.

3 – average, common garden wetherspoons. You would happily pop in for a quick pint.

2 – below par. Not a car crash, but not worth a visit either. You would not go out of your way to this place unless the only pub in town.

1 – avoid. Unpleasant, with no redeeming features. It worsens your day.